Another happy customer!

We always love to hear from our customers. Especially if they are happy!

Sandy emailed us with a problem yesterday and Kevin’s reply enabled him to sort it out.

“Hi Kevin,
i would like to thank you for your response and for all the detailed instructions you gave me.
you helped me a lot as everything is ok and working right now.
it was just the screw untighten as i quessed but i was tightening it in the “wrong” place.with your help and instructions i made it right.
thank you so much for your precious help.
wish you have a great day
Kind regards

No Packaging!!

Please, please don’t do this!!!

We find it difficult to understand why anyone would send something in the post to us with no packaging at all!!

This one came from Saudi Arabia— And there was no paperwork in the box!!

Please refer to our website for advice on packing your kit.

Thank you!





Customers outside EU Before Posting Kit, Be Aware!

We have recently received more repair and service work from countries outside the EU than usual.

Whilst we obviously welcome all customers, new and old, we have found that guidelines for goods being sent to the EU have changed.

From our recent experiences, our advice has to be that : If you send items for repair from outside the EU you will be liable for Customs Duty and VAT on the value of the goods sent. Please ensure you use a service that is proficient in the protocols required to negate these charges, as any costs levied will be your responsibility and cannot be disputed.

K.M.R. Photographic Services Ltd T/A Aquaphot cannot be held liable if the paperwork is incorrect or incomplete, or if the carrier makes a mistake. The sender will be liable for any resulting additional costs.

Sometimes the carrier does get it wrong – then it seems we are liable to pay import duties and VAT!!

We have had a couple of instances recently whereby we have received the work, estimated to the customer, had a go-ahead, completed the work, returned the equipment to the customer…………… then received the bill from the carrier- in one instance these charges being more than double the repair bill!!!! In this case the customer had filled in all forms correctly. We are in dispute with the carrier who made the error. So far the carrier has generously offered to pay 50% of a bill incurred 100% by them!

The time taken with phone calls to try and sort this has been ridiculous! Please take extra care if you still decide to ship your kit to us!



Chris’s Story – Care of ‘O’ Rings

Chris was socialising with his friends at the start of the holidays and agreed to help Lance with photographs and filming in a local river, for his new fishing website.
They arranged to get the photography done in a day and Lance would call when the conditions were looking good.Chris is a busy person, working at a sports venue on safety and maintenance and being involved with way too many sports for the free time he had. But when friends or family needed help he was always there.

The call came on Monday evening for that Saturday, it was an exceptionally busy week for Chris but he promised…… Thursday evening arrived before Chris opened up his photography bag and pulled out his underwater housing, he gave it a quick checkover to make sure everything was working, but wasn’t really happy with the housings main seal, it was a little flattened off and didn’t sit in the the ‘O’-ring seat as well as he remembered. No problem he has stored a bag of spares in the garage!

Friday evening and eventually after a good tidy, the bag of seals was found on the top shelf with lots of ‘useful one day’ stuff keeping them company. However…………… they looked much more dodgy than the one in the housing and these were sticky!

Fortunately on the way to the river is a Company dealing with hydraulics, the really helpful assistant went through a series of seals, different colours, sections and materials and the closest seal fitted but felt very slightly different.

Chris arrived at the river unloaded all his kit and took all the above water shots Lance wanted done, before kitting up to get wet, after 2 min 20secs in the river Chris’s leak alarm sounded, he had just secured the rig, to film between the roots of a tree and by the time he had reached the bank the camera had stopped working……………………

Chris was devastated that a favour for a friend had cost him so dearly, in stress, replacement of equipment and repairs to his housing.But to be fair to Chris, he was never made aware of how to store his seals to give them the best chance of surviving the causes of ageing, he was also not aware of the importance of using the right seal.We would like to give you this valuable information free Click here

A Busy Week!

What a week we are having! We have returned repairs to Romania, France and London for onward journey to Australia on Saturday, among others! We have work on the shelf from Saudi Arabia, Spain and America. We have also had enquiries from Dubai and a South African gentleman in the UK. Word sure does get around!

Ever heard of a “polythene bubble mail bag”?

Please, please don’t use these to send your kit to us!

This is NOT adequate packaging for posting your underwater camera kit to us!
We have said before and need to say it again, adequate packaging of your valuable underwater photographic equipment is vital!

This week we received a housing popped into a “polythene bubble mail bag”

We cannot see that any protection has been afforded to the kit and, sadly, what ever happened in transit resulted in the handle being bent and a crack in the base of the housing.

There was also no indication of the sender in the bag.

Please refer to our website page for postage advice!


Getting equipment to us in one piece!

Often we find that underwater photographic equipment arrives in our workshop and we have no idea who it is from, what the problem is or if we have received the same contents as were sent!

Please read on for some guidelines to ensure your experience with us is as smooth as possible.

In order to carry out repairs to housings efficiently, we will need to pressure test your housing. In order to effect a function test, we will also need your camera tray. We do have some cameras and ports in stock, please check that we have a suitable match for your housing.

If we require your camera, please ensure it is packaged separately, not inside the housing.

We will require your name, full address, email address ( if different to this) a land line telephone number, if possible and a mobile number.

Please ensure a copy of these details are enclosed in the box with the equipment.

Please ensure your equipment is adequately packaged.

Sending equipment to another person is always a worry, but with enough packaging and a reliable postal service there should be little to fear.

We always recommend sending any equipment in a sturdy box, rather than a padded bag or an old shoebox. Approximately 1/3 of the box should be packing material, bubble wrap is ideal. Put a good lining of packaging in the box- 30mm around all sides should be the minimum. Heavier equipment and that with pointy angles require more packaging.

Place your equipment in a plastic bag and wrap housing, camera and any accessories separately, before placing them in the centre of the box, with space for packaging around each item.

Please ensure the box is big enough so you have enough room for kit and adequate packaging.


Ensure the packing material is sufficient to fill the box completely, not enough will allow your kit to move and, potentially, be damaged in transit.                                                                                                                                                                                                         This box clearly shows stress marks where there was insufficient packaging.

Enclose a covering letter with your contact details and a list of kit enclosed so we know that we have received all you have sent!

Send using a reliable source that will offer you insurance to cover the value of replacement equipment. Alternatively contact us to have your boxed equipment collected via our courier service.

The box label should read:
40 D’Arcy Way
Tolleshunt D’Arcy
CM9 8UD.

The courier may provide an additional label.

Let us know when your kit is on it’s way and we will advise you via email when it arrives with us.

If using our courier your kit will be covered by our insurance from the moment it arrives with us until it is signed for on it’s return.